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Some of the comments received so far that we will explore with the model are:

  1. TVA plans have not fully considered the impacts weather extremes on system loads and may underestimate future peak loads.
  2. As demonstrated in Texas last year and recently at TVA, the human and economic impacts of power outages can be large. TVA plans must take into consideration the risk of natural gas shortages and high natural gas prices in addition to the uncertainty of resources such as wind and solar. The plan must explore the risks of the natural gas supply in combination with extreme weather events.
  3. Consider increased installation of utility scale solar owned by TVA
  4. Consider increased home solar installations with improved incentives for grid connect.
  5. Consider that non-connected home solar applications may increase with or without TVA incentives with resulting impacts on the TVA and distributor loads.
  6. What role should the new small nuclear reactors play in the long range plan? 

We are in the process of setting up the Tennessee Valley Regional model base case and defining both the options and risks to be considered in the analysis. We invite you to Join our team and participate in the analysis and discussions. We look forward to your input.